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    Often emulated for its classic shape and superb tones, the Stratocaster has been the definitive electric guitar for more than 60 years. And our Alpha Strat-style Electirc Guitar aims to help you fulfill your passion of playing this iconic legend at a very affordable price. Great for beginners, the Alpha Electric Guitar comprises a comfortable and glossy Poplar body with a Canadian maple neck and Rosewood fretboard. The neck is smooth and the 22 frets are designed to enable you to play with ease. Not least, the 3-way pickup switch allows you to select your favourite tones from the warm timbre of the open coil humbucker pickups. In short, this versatile guitar will suit any genre of music, from rock, pop, blues, to funk, country and more. Also included with the electric guitar is a snazzy whammy bar for the tremolo bridge, cable, guitar bag and other useful accessories.

    And to make things even easier for you to get started on your music escapades, our combo set also includes a 20W guitar amplifier with dual inputs and controls for bass, middlle, treble, gain. There is also a headphone input to stop the neighbours from complaining night and day. So rock on with the Alpha Electric Guitar Combo Set for heaps of awesome coolness.

    Solid body type
    3-way pickup switch
    Two humbuckers pickups
    Master volume and tone controls
    Sealed gear tuners
    Steel string
    22 frets
    Tremolo-style bridge
    Whammy bar

    20W amplifier:
    Two inputs
    Overdrive with gain control
    Treble, middle and bass control
    Headphone input

    Fretboard: Rose Wood
    Neck: Canadian Maple wood
    Body: Poplar Wood
    Pickups: Two open coil humbuckers
    Controls: Volume, tone and 3-way pickup switch
    Hardware Finish: Nickel /Chrome
    Finish: glossy
    Color: Blue

    Output power: 20W
    Speaker: 6.5-inch
    Input 1: Connection for electric guitar
    Input 2: Connection for electric guitar or microphone
    Gain: Adjust the preamplifier effect level for grind channel
    Bass: Control the boost and cut-off for low frequency range
    Treble: Control the boost and cut-off for upper frequencies range
    Volume: Adjust the overall volume of the amplifier
    Headphone: For headphones with a 6.35mm stereo plug. Speaker is connected when headphone is in use.

    Package Contents:
    1 x Alpha electric guitar
    1 x Alpha 20W amplifier
    1 x Carry bag
    1 x Whammy bar
    1 x Tuner
    2 x 3m guitar cable
    1 x Strap
    1 x 6-string set
    3 x Pick
    2 x Allen key

    Barcode # 9355720044249
    Brand Alpha
    Shipping Weight 1.8500kg
    Shipping Width 15.000m
    Shipping Height 29.175m
    Shipping Length 103.000m

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