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    Dual Input: This Charger is designed to effectively pull power from solar panel (up to 40A) or vehicle’s alternator to charge your auxiliary battery.
    Multi-Stage Charging: This charger integrates standby, pre-charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, full charge and re-charge.
    Multi Battery Selection: This DC to DC charger by ATEM POWER is compatible with Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, calcium, LiON batteries.
    Built-In MPPT Regulator: The regulator is designed to harvest up more energy from the solar panel, thus reducing the load on your engine.
    Multiple Protection: It integrates over-charge, short circuit, over-temperature, thermal load, solar input overload, input/output reverse polarity protection.
    Internal Temperature Monitoring: This mechanism can effectively protect the circuit board, thus prolong the lifespan of the charger.
    Sturdy Construction: Sturdy aluminum housing is built to resist harsh conditions and quality wires are built for long last durability.
    Upgraded Charging Algorithm: This algorithm is designed to select the optimum charge mode and revive your discharged battery.
    User Friendly Design: The LED indicator shows real-time stage of charging and memory function is integrated to make your charging more convenient.
    Please note: always refer to the wiring diagram in this listing for the latest wiring setup of the product as the user manual might be for previous version.

    Type:Multi Stage
    DC Battery: 12.5~16.0Volts
    Solar Input: 16.0-25.0 Volts
    Output/Charging Voltage: 14.4~15.4 Volts(Stops charging when alternator output or vehicle battery below 12.5 volts)
    Output Current:
    DC Output: 40A
    Solar Output: 40A
    Minimum Start Voltage: 2.5 Volts-For battery being charged
    Soft Start: Yes
    Soft Charge Current: 40A
    Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V(AGM/Gel)14.4V(Lead Acid)15.4V(Calcium)14.4V(LiON)
    Absorption: Constant voltage with automatic amperage control
    Equalisation: Automatic
    Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V(AGM/Gel)13.5V(Lead Acid)13.5V(Calcium)
    Float Charge Current: 100mA
    Battery Range: 120 to 1200Ah
    0-1 Metres: 10AWG
    1-5 Metres: 6 AWG
    5 metres : 4 AWG

    Product Contents:
    1 x ATEM POWER 40A DC-DC Charger
    1 x Manual

  • SKU V13-VABG008A
    Barcode # 9356307005080
    Brand Does not apply
    Shipping Weight 1.4000kg
    Shipping Width 23.800m
    Shipping Height 6.800m
    Shipping Length 31.700m

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