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    The antique design of these traditional blue floor rugs adds an ornamental finish to the interiors of any home. The first glance at this beautiful navy blue carpet can help become aware of its rich potential in decorating your living spaces with immense grace. This navy blue shag rug is sure to catch the attention of every visitor, leaving an unforgettable impression on them.

    These hand-made tufted rugs are made from the highest quality wool and cotton. You can see beautiful curves and motifs in gold and blush pink designed around the borders, offering a classy contrast to the navy blue. The pattern reminds you of an era when almost every rich household had a central courtyard open to the sky, with the rest of the house surrounding it on all sides.

    These handsome rugs for the living room are the right choice if you’re looking for something to amp up an earthy or culturally rich living space. You could pick this rug for a modern home too, in case you want to make it the exquisite center of attraction in that area. Either way, these shag pile carpets are sure to make a statement in whatever setup they are placed.

    The size, design, and build of these shag pile carpets are such that you can easily use them every day. The maintenance of these tufted woolen rugs is fairly simple too. You simply need to run the vacuum cleaner over them occasionally, and you’re good to go.

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