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    Flaunting a beautiful floral pattern in some dark and other fluorescent shades, these round tufted rugs take their inspiration from the heritage Jaipur rug patterns. You can find a variety of flowers in different shapes and colors, in stark contrast with the deep blue background. The buds of the flowers are drawn in a white border, drawing the attention of any on-looker instantly. 

    The unique and interesting part of this design or pattern is that every flower or leaf that is added to this mix has its outline drawn in a color different from the body. While in some places a dull orange body has a fluorescent orange outline, in some others you will see a plum color flower with a Persian blue border.

    The transitional design of these round shag pile carpets makes them tremendously multi-functional and versatile as accessories to include in your homes. You can place them in your drawing room, study, or even in your bedroom. They are truly statement-making pieces for modern or traditional interiors of any home. You can’t go wrong when decorating any area with this piece.

     These round floral floor carpets are hand-made, using the finest quality of wool and cotton. They are highly durable and long-lasting. In addition to this, they are also tremendously easy to maintain. You can clean them periodically using a vacuum cleaner, and that’s about it. Your plush rugs are ready for use again! They are compact, purposeful and have a grand aesthetic appeal. You will not regret owning this one-of-its-kind accessory for your homes!


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