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    The Round Navy Blue Oriental Rug features the traditional Keshan Oriental pattern, running beautifully all over its circular surface. This is the perfect way to welcome your guests or even bring positive vibes into your home. The rounded floor rug can also be placed at the entrance to a room or an outdoor area. The design adds a very rich and ornamental feel to any space that it is added to. 

    The pattern follows a repetition in the form of concentric circles around the center, and between each pair of concentric circles, there is a unique design running all around the border. You will find a series of floral patterns moving in different directions as you shift your gaze from the outer boundaries, towards the inner area, or even vice versa. The central circle is the largest singular circle with a beautiful pair of flowers stemming from opposite sides towards each other. The rest of the space is covered with intricate leaves and stems in a contrasting white to the navy blue background. This kind of detailing is a sheer work of extremely experienced craftsmen who toil to make these gorgeous pieces for you!

    These hand loomed foot rugs are made from superior quality wool and cotton, to add just the right amount of elevation that the stunning motifs require. The navy blue shag rugs are highly durable and low on maintenance. They make a stunning addition to an entrance area. With an ideal diameter, they can be moved around easily while vacuuming your home. Get yours now to add a beautiful furnishing to your home!

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