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    Following an interesting mix of sharp shapes and figures, these abstract geometric patterns on the Picasso Patchwork Handmade Rug are very impressive due to their edgy design. Sporting a crisp and sharp appearance, this handmade floor rug is incredibly soft. Once you’ve set foot on this rug, it’s hard to leave. It takes a high level of expertise and craftsmanship to make these hand-tufted carpets.  

     These floor carpets are meticulously designed through the patchwork technique using a unique set of contrasting hues. These hues don’t just stand out individually, but also work together beautifully. The tan and off-white colors work in stunning contrast with the dark and light blues. The design and vibrancy of these plush hand-tufted rugs compel you to instantly shift your gaze towards them.

     Owning such a masterpiece that’s designed to perfection would only elevate the area or corner you place them in. These floor rugs would be a suitable addition not only to your homes but offices too. This is one of the best rugs you could find as a suitable and versatile match for any of your living spaces.  

     The dimensions of these large floor rugs follow a rectangle shape that is neither too big nor too small for any space. Place them as a visual delight to ramp up the aesthetics of your homes or make them your everyday lounging and lazing station. Either way, these floor carpets
     are a decision you’ll never regret because of their stunning design and hassle-free maintenance!

  • SKU CM011
    Barcode # RANDOM

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