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    There’s a whole science behind the making of this beautiful environment-friendly circular natural jute rug. Expert artisans have mastered the art of weaving dried up jute strings into these intricate patterns to make this burlap rug. Did you know that jute is an absolute eco-friendly crop? Jute is grown naturally without the use of chemicals or fertilizers that cause harm to the environment. This is one of the biggest reasons jute rugs are gaining popularity in the current world. 

    This Mandala pattern natural jute area rug is a sheer masterpiece of art and literally brings the whole cosmos into your home. Mandalas are symbolic diagrams originally derived from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. A single Mandala represents the entire cosmos within the circular pattern. Mandalas are believed to bring great vibrations into your home since they are used in meditation. The complex patterns on this beige burlap rug are meticulously woven into concentric circles in places which makes it really pleasing to the eye. 

    By choosing to purchase the natural woven Round Mandala Jute Rug, not only are you inviting positive vibes into your home and life, but are also helping in healing nature!

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