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    If you're looking for a plush shaggy rug for any area in your home, look no further! This sophisticated shaggy rug will spruce up the aesthetics of your home instantly and raise your style quotient a notch higher. Made with love by experienced artisans, these designer rugs are manufactured meticulously to suit any kind of home furnishing needs.

    Whether you are planning to add a fresh feel to your existing home or are decorating your new home, this floor rug is made specifically for you. A mix of cotton and microfiber, the material of this plush shaggy rug brings with it a legacy of comfort and luxury to your sweet haven.

    This gorgeous shag style rug carries smart, textural detailing with a diamond pattern that will give your interiors a brand new mood. The contrast created by the *deep coffee brown diamonds over the solid umber background on this floor rug is bound to soothe your senses and relax your mind after a hard day at work.

    Suitable for all seasons, this shag style carpet rug suits all kinds of home interiors like monochrome, chic, Scandinavian, Bohemian, traditional, or contemporary. This Steadliving shaggy carpet will complement the look and feel of your home only to make it better. Whether you are a small or a large family with everyone walking around the house all day long, this stunning floor rug is bound to lift up your mood. Once you've got your hands on your own shaggy rug, we are sure you'll be flaunting it to all your friends and family!

  • SKU CM001

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